Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are.

-Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

A Health Coach is a wellness professional whose main goal is to guide clients to reach their health and wellness goals, whether that is sleeping better, gut health, boosting energy, weight and stress management, along with a host of other health problems. Health Coaches create a safe space for their clients to explore their health, facilitating behavior and lifestyle change that can be sustained for the long-term. 
More importantly, Health Coaches take a W'holistic approach to health, not just on food, but also all the other areas of life that can support and nourish your overall health, such as career, spirituality, relationships, and environment.


In the initial consultation, I will analyze theoretical frameworks and models that provide guidance in the need’s assessment process and apply various planning strategies for developing a health program for the client that best fit his or her goals. 
Health status, emotional well-being, and social cohesion, which are influenced by physical, social and culture of the individual or their environment.
Different effects of the individual’s health although in the same environment, which includes perception and financial resources available. This leads to a lifestyle that can hinder or grown a people’s food choices. When we put all of these factors in balance, we can help the body [and mind] to a healthy state. Promoting optimum health, sustainability, and maintaining the body nature intended for us
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