Prunes, a great fruit.

Prune juice is inexplicably linked to constipation, but the healthy juice can do more than just relieve occasional constipation. Prune juice has actually been for centuries in folk medicine to help treat jaundice, high blood pressure, diabetes, and more.

the most obvious benefit of prune juice is that it can help relieve constipation. Laxatives often had the side effect of becoming addicting, but prune juice is a natural way to help regulate your digestive system at any age.

Prune juice can also help you out if you have an overactive bladder. There are many reasons that you may suffer from frequent urination, but regardless of the reason, it can be a very embarrassing and bothersome help problem to have.

Most people could use more healthy fiber in their diet, and prune juice is packed full of it along with a handful of other great vitamins.

Prune juice has a high amount of iron present in it and helps iron to be absorbed at the same time.

Prunes contain a high amount insoluble fiber which feeds the good bacteria to help keep your gut balanced.

Researchers conducted an eight-week study that looked at how prune juice can affect liver function. They found that at the end of the eight-week period the liver function and liver health of study participants improved.

However, prune juice is a high-antioxidant food, which means that it fights and prevents the damages that are caused by these same free radicals.

As you age, most people notice that their eyesight starts to decline and in later years many people suffer from macular degeneration.

Different studies on postmenopausal bone health have shown that prune juice can help prevent ‘bone turnover.’ This is the process of when reabsorption spurs new bone growth.

The antioxidants in prune juice help to prevent the oxidation of LDL (the bad cholesterol).

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