You Should not drink cow's milk

TIt is probably the single best food at compromising health. There is a strong link to dairy foods and autoimmune disease, this shows up in excessive mucus in the body and asthma. Also, there is an association between dairy foods and multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and other rheumatologic problems. Cow's milk is baby calf growth fluid, there is no human child on earth who needs the milk of a cow. Milk and dairy is associated to health problems like eczema, acne, constipation, and acid reflux.

Cow's milk protein is the most allergenic food. Hormone free milk is an oxymoron! milk is a hormonal fluid packed with sex hormones, natural sex steroid hormones like estrogen and progesterone. It does not matter if it is organic or conventional milk. Also, milk contains a lot of "pus, "750,000 somatic pus cells per CC of milk.

Cheese is coagulated cow pus. Countries that have the highest rate of dairy consumption also have the highest rate osteoporosis, so drinking milk does not protect your bones.

Drinking milk is also associated to cancer growth, any cancer is caused by DNA mutation, so that causes the first cancer cell.

One cancer cell never killed anyone, but when many cancer cells are formulated; that kills. we need to minimize the growth of cancer cells, IGF-1 insulin-like growth factor-1, this is cancer-promoting growth hormone involved in every stage of cancer cells growth and the spread and mastasases. Any animal protein boosts the level of IGF-1. Dairy can increase a man's cancer by 34% and woman who had breast cancer, just one serving of milk a day can increase their chances of dying from the disease by 40%.

People are addicted to cheese, [a cow's milk product], the casein protein, the main protein in dairy products breaks apart in the human digestion and creates what is called Casomorphines. Casein-derived, morphine-like compounds that goes to the brain and they attach to the very same receptors that heroin attaches to. It is believed that Casomorphine play a role in SIDS [Sudden infant death syndrome, autism, and one of the reasons why we shouldn't have babies consuming milk from cows. Human breast milk contains 2.7g of casein per lite, cow's milk contains 26g of casein per liter.

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